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Hey there,

I am Jascha Goltermann

Working in the fields of Product Design & Branding

I help companies develop a strong design vision for their product and establish a sophisticated brand story around it

„We all know that creating better user experiences helps companies compete more effectively. However, it is often overlooked that every customer-facing product needs to have a brand. The user experience is part of the brand experience.“

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UX & Usability

I create meaningful user experiences that are designed to be useful, usable and desirable.

I craft concepts, low & high fidelity sketches, wireframes and prototypes and apply diverse methods of exploration, research, user testing and ideation.

See Case Study: The redesign that increased revenue by 9.4%
Implementing Design Systems

Design Systems

I have built, implemented and managed a Design System that optimized the way an entire organization scales design.

As a result, their product team has launched digital products and services faster and collaborated more effectively with developers and other teams.

See Case Study: The Design System that transformed a company's corporate culture
Applying Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Design Thinking helps you identify innovation potentials and design service offerings that are attractive and useful for your customers.

As an XDi-certified Service Design Thinker, I can help create the culture of innovation that enables for developing concrete, user-centered products or services.

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Fostering Design Culture

Design Culture

Building and fostering a design culture helps any company be more competitive and create better user experiences.

Design Culture is not about “making things look pretty” but rather about collaboration skills and an open mindset.

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