Hey there, I am a Jascha Goltermann, a Berlin-based graphic designer and art director.
My style is clean and often minimalistic. I pay great attention to details and typography is not a side issue for me. I have worked on a variety of digital and print projects since I completed my studies at the Berlin Academy of Design in 2016. I have been busy creating ad campaigns, magazines, logos and infographics – while also teaching myself web design and development. You'll find a selection of these projects as well as some information about my professional background here. I have also hand-coded this website and hope that it serves as another testament to my abilities.

Hey there,

I am Jascha


A Berlin-based graphic
designer and art director


These are just previews to showcase what I do. I will add the case studies for each project as soon as I find the time. Until then, you can find more project previews on my portfolio page.

Magazine “Polis”

Editorial / Print

Online magazine “Geschichte der Gegenwart”

App & UI / Web

Web & App Design for “tourlane.com”

App & UI / Branding / Web

Poster series “Plattform”

Editorial / Print

Roll-ups for an exhibition “POWS in Nuremberg”

Editorial / Print

Coffee table book “New World Order”

Editorial / Illustrations / Print

Packaging Design “Kaleidoscope Lens”

Branding / Illustrations / Print

Packaging Design & Branding “Ink Drop Coffee”

Branding / Illustrations / Print

“Flying tiger” shopping bags

Branding / Illustrations

Print Design for an academic workshop series

Illustrations / Print

My path

Everyone starts somewhere.
Let me show you the steps I have taken in the past.

2007 First graphic design
2009 Finished high
2009 Second graphic design
2010 First Web Design
2011 Living abroad for
a year
2012 First graphic design
2012 Began studying
graphic design
2015 First ‘Head of
Design’ position
2016 Finished studying
graphic design
2016 Second ‘Head of
Design’ position

I knew early on that I wanted to work in the creative industry, so I used the summer vacation during high school to do my first graphic design internship at a major design agency.

I was already working at my second graphic design internship when I finished high school and started working full-time as soon as I could.

This graphic design and IT agency was a much smaller company than the one from the first internship. Working there gave me different but equally valuable insights.

I don’t think that graphic designers should aim to be good at coding because it can have a negative impact on their designing skills. That’s why I’ve always prioritised design over development.

I spent a year working with street children in Bolivia and I am convinced that living abroad and doing voluntary social work not only helps to grow as a person, but also as a designer.

The first real job is always something special. Especially if you are hired, even though you have not yet started to study in this field.

Studying graphic design can’t teach you how to be a good designer but it will help you gain knowledge that you can’t teach yourself. It is absolutely essential if you want to work in the industry professionally.

Without all the previous steps, I probably would not have been hired as the ‘Head of Design’ at an awesome tech startup while I was still a design student.

Almost ten years after I had my first graphic design internship, I finally graduated at the Berlin Academy of Design with a straight-a diploma.

All the autodidactic learning of programming and web development paid off when I was offered to work as ‘Head of Design & IT’ for an online magazine.

Work Experience

Take a quick look at my professional background which began five years before I started studying graphic design. If you want to know more details, just scroll down and download my résumé.

2016-9  ›  Present

Geschichte der Gegenwart | Berlin & Zürich

Head of Design & IT

As Head of Design & IT of this online magazine, I am in charge of the continuous development and design of the website, the native Android and iOS apps and the newsletter as well as the supervision of all advertising and social media marketing.

2016-4  ›  Present

Goltermann.Design | Berlin

Freelance Graphic Designer & Art Director

I have been busy working as a freelance graphic designer and building Goltermann.Design as a brand since I completed my studies at the Berlin Academy of Design in 2016.

2015-9  ›  2016-4

Tourlane | Berlin

Head of Design

I was in charge of all creative tasks and responsible for the development of the brand and the corporate design which included designing the logo, the website, the advertising materials and the web app.

2012-3  ›  2012-9

JimFish | Berlin

Graphic Designer

I was hired to redesign the website of this young e-commerce startup, creating advertising material and supervising the social media channels. Here I gained valuable insights into search engine optimization and online & offline marketing.

2011-2  ›  2012-2

NGO Fundación Alalay | La Paz

Voluntary Social Work

I spent a year working with street children in Bolivia and I am convinced that living abroad and doing voluntary social work not only helped me grow as a person, but also as a designer.

2010-9  ›  2011-1

ZZF | Potsdam

Web Design Intern

I was tasked with the redesign of a website maintained by the Berlin State Library as well as the creation of various online and offline advertising media for the relaunch event.

2009-6  ›  2010-3

Maralis-IT | Bremen

Graphic Design Intern

During this first internship after finishing high school, I designed websites, logos and advertising materials for a small agency in the Design & IT industry.

2007-6  ›  2007-8

Publicis Pixelpark | Bielefeld

Graphic Design Intern

During high school I used the summer holidays for an internship at this major design agency where I had the opportunity to work on assignments from major clients including Deutsche Post, Boehringer Ingelheim and reifen.com.

See full Résumé

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Urban photography. Mostly black & white but with rare splashes of color. About lines, shapes, patterns, textures, contrasts, lights & shadows.

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