Hey there,

I am Jascha Goltermann

Working in the fields of Product Design & Branding

I help companies develop a strong design vision for their product and establish a sophisticated brand story around it

Areas of Expertise
  • Improving

    UX & Usability

    I create meaningful user experiences that are designed to be useful, usable and desirable.

    I craft concepts, low & high fidelity mockups, wireframes and prototypes and apply diverse methods of ideation, exploration, research and user testing.

  • Implementing

    Design Systems

    I have built, implemented and managed Design Systems and optimized the way entire organizations scale design.

    As a result, their product teams have launched digital products and services faster and collaborated more effectively with developers and other teams.

  • Applying

    Design Thinking

    Design Thinking is a powerful framework for addressing complex human-centred challenges.

    As an XDi-certified Service Design Thinker, I employ a wide range of tools and methods to develop concrete, user-centric solutions.

  • Fostering

    Design Culture

    Design Culture is not about “making things look pretty” but rather about collaboration skills and an open mindset.

    Design Culture cannot be forced. It is created through the daily practice of certain ideals and values and should be shared and promoted through open workshops, meet-ups and public speeches.

  • Building

    Brand Identity

    In the world of product design, it is often overlooked that every customer-facing product needs to have a brand. The brand experience is part of the user experience.

    That is why I understand product and brand as a holistic experience and develop product design, brand design and brand strategy as a hybrid skill set.

  • Developing

    Vision & Strategy

    Developing clear vision, mission and value statements will help you focus on your ultimate goals, set priorities and make decisions that support those goals.

    I complement design and branding skills with business knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset to develop product visions and strategies that bring clarity and purpose.

  • Design Operations

    DesignOps includes standardizing the handoff and feedback processes and improving cooperation and coordination with other teams.

  • Design Leadership

    Design leadership and design direction involve leading with strategic intent and taking responsibility for all design work within an organization.

  • Team Leadership

    Designers grow when provided with vision, guidance and coaching. I have sourced, led and scaled both remote and onsite creative teams.

  • Design Management

    Design management is the business side of design, focusing on increasing design efficiency and aligning design with corporate strategy.

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