Hey there,

I am Jascha Goltermann

Working in the fields of Product Design & Branding

I help companies develop a strong design vision for their product and establish a sophisticated brand story around it

Areas of Expertise
  • Improving

    UX & Usability

    I create meaningful user experiences that are designed to be useful, usable and desirable.

    I craft concepts, low & high fidelity mockups, wireframes and prototypes and apply diverse methods of ideation, exploration, research and user testing.

  • Implementing

    Design Systems

    I have built, implemented and managed Design Systems and optimized the way entire organizations scale design.

    As a result, their product teams have launched digital products and services faster and collaborated more effectively with developers and other teams.

  • Applying

    Design Thinking

    Design Thinking is a powerful framework for addressing complex human-centred challenges.

    As an XDi-certified Service Design Thinker, I employ a wide range of tools and methods to develop solutions to both design and business problems.

  • Fostering

    Design Culture

    Design Culture is not about “making things look pretty” but rather about collaboration skills and an open mindset.

    As an empathetic design leader, I am continually committed to fostering a positive design culture based on empathy, empowerment, and openness.

  • Building

    Brand Identity

    In the world of product design, it is often overlooked that every customer-facing product needs to have a brand. The brand experience is part of the user experience.

    That is why I understand product and brand as a holistic experience and develop product design, brand design and brand strategy as a hybrid skill set.

  • Developing

    Vision & Strategy

    Developing clear vision, mission and value statements will help you focus on your ultimate goals, set priorities and make decisions that support those goals.

    I complement design and branding skills with business knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset to develop product visions and strategies that bring clarity and purpose.

  • Design Operations

    As part of DesignOps, I have developed strategies to improve handoff and feedback processes and enhance collaboration and coordination across teams.

  • Design Leadership

    I am experienced in leading with strategic intent and taking ownership of all design efforts within an organization, while connecting it to the broader design community.

  • Design Management

    I am experienced in managing senior designers and creating a positive work environment while increasing effectiveness and aligning design with business strategy.

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