This is a selection of works to showcase what I do. I constantly work on new projects so this list is far from exhaustive. If you like anything you see, you can support me by sharing my works or this website with the world.

Tourlane.com Website & App

App & UI / Branding / Web

Online magazine “Geschichte der Gegenwart”

App & UI / Web

Magazine “Polis”

Editorial / Print

Poster series “Plattform”

Editorial / Print

CSS3 animated SVG-Logo

Branding / Web

Illustration (handcrafted/non-digital)

Illustrations / Print

Infographic “Berlin Tech-Start-Ups”

Illustrations / Print

Documentary about “Chess boxing”

Video & Motion

Poster series for “Balkan Film Festival”


Web Design & Development of philippsarasin.ch


Video teaser “Hermannstrasse”

Video & Motion

CSS3 animted Monogram “JG”

Branding / Web

HTML & JavaScript animation

Illustrations / Video & Motion