Hey there,

I am Jascha Goltermann

Working in the fields of Product Design & Branding

I help companies develop a strong design vision for their product and establish a sophisticated brand story around it

A brief Introduction
About me

Hey there, friend!

My name is Jascha Goltermann – a product designer living in Berlin and currently employed at Neuraum Ventures.

I am a designer with a clean and often minimalist style. I started out in editorial and print design, then moved on to product design and branding and am now an XDi-Certified Service Design Thinker. I would say that means I love both the purely aesthetic and the analytical, problem-solving aspects of design. 

As a product designer, I have worked on large-scale redesigns of websites and apps. I have built, implemented and managed design systems. I have co-organized workshops on Design Thinking and have built and led both remote and on-site design teams. 

Prior to that, I have worked on a variety of digital and print projects, such as advertising campaigns, magazines, logos, websites and apps – while also acquiring frontend development skills. This is why I work very well with development teams! 

I’ve selected the works in my portfolio to provide you with the best overview of the wide range of disciplines I’ve had the opportunity to work on. Most of them are presented without commentary or case studies, but I will be happy to tell you more about each individual work – just send me a quick message!